Sculptra Aesthetic®

is an FDA-approved Injectable Volumizer.


Sculptra is the first facial injectable that can give you noticeable subtle results over time, giving you that natural, youthful look. It works by replacing lost collagen and fills in shallow to deep facial folds and wrinkles. It is injected in areas of the face to create lift, redefine the jawline, and add volume as it corrects the underlying structure.

  • These injections will give you a gradual result that can last up to 2+ years. 

Sculptra Aesthetic Benefits

  • Works gradually to replace lost collagen
  • Helps body restore natural volume
  • Provides a natural and youthful appearance
  • Can last for more than 2 years

Treatable Areas for Sculptra Aesthetic

  • Sculptra Aesthetic can be used in any area where volume loss and asymmetry is needed.
  • Available for all skin types and ages
  • Patients who want to restore hollowed face
  • Correction of facial asymmetry
  • Non-surgical facelift

Unretouched Photos

Individual results and treatment regimens may vary.

  • Sculptra® Aesthetic is not for use in the lips
  • Sculptra Aesthetic is not recommended for use in the periorbital area.
  • Sculptra Aesthetic has not been evaluated in areas other than nasolabial wrinkles and folds in clinical trials.

What is Sculptra?

  • Sculptra Aesthetic also known as poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), is a biocompatible polymer (material that does not harm the body tissue) and biodegradable (substance that is able to be broken down by the body). PLLA has been used for many years in dissolvable sutures.

Sculptra Aesthetic Treatment Procedure

  • Prior treatment the surgeon will determine and mark the areas on the face where you will get injected
  • Sculptra is mixed with lidocaine to reduce discomfort upon the injection
  • Sculptra is injected under not into the skin
  • Results will be very noticeable starting about 4 weeks and continuing for about 3 months

Recovery from Sculptra Aesthetic

  • Patients can experience temporary swelling and bruising
  • You will be instructed to massage your face five times a day for five days to obtain ideal results
  • Periodic touch up to maintain desired results