The Lucy Peters System

Smooth is a lifestyle!

Created by Lucy Peters, a name renowned as a staple in smooth, we are the hair removal experts! With our very own exclusive, patented technology as part of a customized treatment system, everyone is 100% guaranteed to transform into their smoothest, most beautiful self. Anyone, any hair, anywhere…

The Smooth System® is the only true permanent hair removal treatment plan on the market to not only rid yourself of the unwanted hair but provide flawless, healthy benefits for your skin on the treated area. Unlike alternative methods, laser hair removal, reduction or electrolysis, the Smooth System can be used to treat any area of the face or body, as well as all hair colors and skin types.

During your complimentary consultation, a certified technician will assess the targeted areas and address your concerns. A unique and customized plan based on a variety of factors will be implemented including the amount of hair and the type of hair surfacing each designated area.

Our experts will deliver you with an exact number of sessions required to remove all unwanted hair and fulfill your desired expectations with a quoted cost. As a courtesy, Smooth Systemwill even secure each patient with continual sessions at no addition cost if optimal results are not met within the sessions originally allotted.

With 50 years of available record success with over 100,000 satisfied clients, the Smooth System is more than a promise, but a 100% guarantee!

The Smooth System by Altman Aesthetics GUARANTEE

If for any reason your hair removal treatment plan does not permanently remove hair as promised, we will provide all additional Smooth System treatments at no additional charge.

The Smooth System by Altman Aesthetics Guarantee means you can feel safe with your decision to invest in permanent hair removal with 100% confidence that desired superior results will be delivered.

Free Consultation: Your Hair Removal Treatment Plan

For hair removal with the Smooth System, during your complimentary consultation, you will receive a complete hair removal treatment plan including:

  • The number of hours needed for a customized treatment plan,
  • Cost for each,
  • And when the area will be 100% free of hair.

Why We Guarantee Your Hair Removal with The Smooth System by Altman Aesthetics

We are confident guaranteeing The Smooth System because we’ve seen it work on thousands of patients just like you. We know it works on any hair color and any skin color, and is an exceptional/elite preferred choice to laser treatment for many patients. We know our certified Smooth System technicians and office staff will support and guide you through the hair removal process.

*100% guarantee on our Smooth System hair removal treatments*

If we exceed the quoted number of treatments, cost, or timeline for complete hairlessness, additional Smooth System treatments are free.

If you have any questions regarding our guarantee, please contact us today!

*There are limited hormonal medical conditions where the Altman Aesthetics Guarantee may not apply. We will discuss your treatment options and medical conditions during your consultation.

Take control. Look your best and get the best out of life. After all, smooth is a lifestyle!